Hello, I’m Kerry and I work in digital. I’ve recently moved back to Birmingham after living in London and I’m rediscovering the city all over again! I love exploring Brum and beyond- cool street food and restaurant spots, interesting bars and pubs, exhibitions and generally checking out as much as possible.

I’m also into fashion and travelling. I’ve worked in three countries and would love to make it a fourth country.

I’ll be using this space to replace the thousands of notes and photos saved on my iPhone of all the things that interest me and the good places and good times!

I’m always looking to discover new events and the next adventure so if you have any recommendations of places I should check out then get in touch!

You can email me: brumandbeyond[@]gmail[dot]com, tweet me @brumandbeyond or check out Insta @brumandbeyond.

Hope you enjoy Brum and Beyond! x