Wok Chi, Birmingham

Duck.jpgWok Chi is one of those casual, contemporary neighbourhood eateries that everyone wants to have within their local vicinity- from sofa to noodle soup within 10 minutes tops.

Based on Harborne High Street, Wok Chi has become a bit of a staple for Chinese and South East Asian food within the local area. It’s small, cosy and once its 7.30pm, it’s full and the kitchen closes circa 9pm. Sorry. Think casual cafe/restaurant with busy, bustling tables and steaming hot food that fills the small room with gorgeous flavours making you over-order without even thinking about it, because it smells so damn good.

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Beer.jpgThe menu is concise and packed full of some of my favourites like noodle soups, wok-fried rice & noodles, curries, a plethora of sides and ever-changing Chef Specials. It also serves up some of the most bangin’ chicken wings I’ve had the pleasure to eat in this city. They’re advertised on a board next to the till and usually come in a variety of flavours that change regularly. You absolutely need to order these wings even if they do not go with your noodle soup in the slightest. Go with it. Chill. And thank me later.

We start by ordering some Sticky Sweet Soy & Sesame chicken wings which have that crispy skin that dreams are made of and a crunchy onion and chilli dressing to add a bit of freshness.

Chicken-Wings.jpgPlump Veggie Spring Rolls with filo pastry is a bit more bumpy and flaky than the smoother rolls I’m used to, but are tasty nonetheless.

Spring Rolls.jpgFlavoursome shredded duck is tossed in a salad of spring onions, carrots, cabbage, sesame oil and seeds lots of soy sauce. The dressing is rich, light and coats the salad well and is delicious.

Duck.jpgSzechuan Stir Fry is packed with plump king prawns and some serious heat from the chilli and garlic combo nestled next to fluffy jasmine rice which I’m totally down for.

Chicken.jpgWok Chi is one of those neighbourhood eateries that you tell people to visit because it manages to knock out great fresh food, great service with no fuss, all wrapped up in great value for money. In simple terms, its worth leaving the sofa for. Put the Deliveroo app down.

Go on, have a little look, you know you want to.

Wok Chi 135 High St, Birmingham B17 9NP