The rise of non-alcoholic spirits: Seedlip

9FBF9262-29C2-4C1A-A075-4AE1DDD9118B.jpegOne, two, three, floor. I think we can all agree that alcohol is enjoyable. From mid week natters over craft gin, cosy nights in with a glass of red and weekends sipping on weird and wonderful cocktails, we spend a lot of time enjoying alcohol in the UK.

But sometimes, just sometimes it’s nice to take a break, enjoy hangover free days, yet still take part in the ritual and reward associated with a well-earned drink. You know the ones, return home from work, coat still on and immediately pour a drink? Ok, just me then.

And as for going out out, we’ve all been there. It’s thirsty Thursday but you’re not really thirsty for a hangover at work the next day because adulting and shiz? Yet, all you’re left with are sickly, sweet mocktails and pints and pints of coke or lemonade. The dream.

Seedlip are attempting to change the game with their considered and complex non-alcoholic spirit. And there is clearly a market for it, as the National Statistics has revealed that drinking is at the lowest level on record with the average millennial drinking only 5 units per weeks- under the recommended allowance of 14. Drinking is becoming more mindful and I’m all about that mindful living because YOLO.


51026800-6A2E-4C6F-8FDE-1681E9016F15.jpegWe were invited along to sample Seedlip at gorgeous, interior store Neptune in Edgbaston where UK ambassador, Luke, led a fun and informative cocktail making class to showcase Seedlip and its quirky beginnings.


2FDC29CD-5BF2-4361-B3A3-8BF39BBE92E9.jpegSeedlip’s founder, Ben Branson started the business by experimenting in his farmhouse kitchen with garden herbs and a copper still, trialling medicinal recipes whilst in tandem experiencing pretty offensive non-alcoholic cocktails in bars and restaurants when he identified a real gap in the market.

Seedlip now has three offerings with their own herbs and spices which contain no sugar, sweetness or artificial flavours- only complex flavours along with the ritual and celebration that comes with alcoholic drinks.

We start with Grove 42 which is a zesty and zingy refreshing blend, on this occasion, served like an aperol spritz but infused with orange, blood orange, mandarin, lemon, ginger and lemongrass.

Next, we get hands on and make our own long drink, pouring Garden 108 over ice which is a summer sensation of peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary, thyme and lemon hops with a splash of tonic and a sweet pea garnish on top. It’s delicious.

08739BC1-F44F-4FEF-93C0-9E150F243379.jpegFinally, we make a variation of an espresso martini, using Spice 94 bursting with allspice berries, cardamom, oak and a measure of creamy, cold brew coffee. It’s not quite espresso as we know and love, but it does a bloody good job of offering something same same but different and utterly divine.

C5D51932-4D7B-4411-98EA-1CCCBB1B4F6D.jpegThe quality and flavour of Seedlip is second to none and its a fantastic alternative to mocktails and the like that are so common place in cities up and down the U.K. Since launching in late 2015, Seedlip has been championed by some of the most celebrated bartenders and Michelin starred Chefs around the globe and is served in over 16 International cities and it’s not hard to see why. If you want to try Seedlip for yourself, have a go at making a few of these lush cocktails or just track Luke down to make them for you. 



42FA0E3E-BA2A-4BBB-9D92-088D17E1BD61.jpegSeedlip is a breath of fresh air, a game changer, if you crave the ritual and celebration of standard drinks without the hangover or Sunday blues. I’ll drink to that.