Rebel Chicken, Birmingham

Rebel chicken 4.jpgI really do love chicken and really wanted to love Rebel Chicken. It turns out I love the concept and aesthetic of Rebel Chicken but not the chicken. Nope.

Based in the Jewellery Quarter, Rebel Chicken is a cool, stylish space. Minimal, flooded with natural light, with hard wooden floors and tables; and quirky little touches throughout, offering that Insta inspo, we all know and love. The pretty restaurant is housed upstairs and more seating is available downstairs for drinks and a more casual vibe. The garden area is spacious, with a mix of benches and plush cushion seats to relax on and relax we do. YOLO.

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Rebel chicken 7.jpgWe visit on a boiling hot day and the garden area is dead, save for a few seats taken up by couples, including a Tinder guy I frequently swipe left on because #catfish and staff relaxing outside. I’m all for relaxing but if your chicken ain’t up to much…

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Rebel chicken 8.jpgThe menu is a simple one pager with a mix of rotisserie chicken (quarter, half or whole), wings and burgers. Side chicks include chips, corn, ‘slaw and salad.

We order half a kilo of Rebel Wings coated in Honey & Soy sauce (£6) which arrives piled high and piping hot- portions are huge. Sadly, the sauce is underwhelming and lacks flavour, the wings fried so much that they’re just too greasy to enjoy. The encased chicken is bland and kicks no real interest. I struggle to finish them, partly due to the heat wave where it quickly becomes apparent that chicken wings in blazing sunshine is not the one and partly because I’m just not that impressed. I only hope that the other sauces on offer are an improvement, you can choose from Siracha Hot, BBQ and Hoisin and Black Pepper. The chunky chips (£3) on the side are decent enough.

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Rebel chicken 10We also order the Yard Burger made up of Buttermilk chicken, packed into a brioche bun and served with chips. The chicken is deep-fried within an inch of its life and the brioche is hard. My partner in crime is so mortified that he doesn’t alert me until I’ve had a bite out of it towards the end of the meal- its hard…

Rebel chicken 11

IMG_1099Unfortunately, the food just didn’t do it for me and I wouldn’t go back for the chicken. But word on the street, is that Rebel Chicken will be serving pizza soon so maybe that’s worth a punt. Oh, and the interior and the craft beer is lush so I’ll be back for that.

Maybe I visited on an off day, maybe it was just too hot to cook and do the food justice or maybe this just isn’t the place for me to go for chicken. Either way, go and check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Rebel Chicken, 5, 19 Pitsford St, Birmingham, B18 6LJ