Pieminister, Birmingham

CA4B58D8-400F-42A0-8D36-F4377016244D.jpegIts no surprise that a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content or something like that. An opportunity to sleep until you’re hungry, then eat until you’re sleepy and there’s no better way to do that than indulge in a Sunday pie with all the trimmings.

Based on Waterloo Street, Pieminister specialises in, you guessed it, pies. The restaurant is a cool space, with a well stocked bar and a mix of tables and booths for mate dates, tinder dates and everything inbetween. Its minimal and has an industrial feel to it, with bare brick walls,  slogans splashed across the walls and cool lighting throughout.





F21E2D29-FDCB-4A4E-8ECE-2F4DBDA50BC9The menu is a one pager, full of classics with a twist, including Beef Steak and Craft Ale; and Chicken, Portobello & Chesnut Mushroom amongst many more. The sides are plentiful too, including mash, minty mushy peas, smoky baked beans and cheddar and crispy shallots. But what I really like about the place is that you have the option to buy individual pies for £5.95 a pop or you can upgrade to the Pie Meals which include a number of sides to choose from.

9A09870C-92D2-4002-ACB0-4DFB5D33FE46.jpegWe opt for the Mothership pie meal (£9.50) which includes the Matador pie- British Beef Steak, Chorizo, Olives and Butter Beans, balancing on a dollop of mash and finished off with a portion of minty mushy peas, cheddar & crispy shallots. Its pie jenga at its finest and I’m there for that.

8B1930B5-9AB1-4E86-AD88-0DE45541E29C.jpegThe beef steak is tasty and generous, the addition of chorizo and juicy olives adding a med flair and elevating it beyond your standard British pie. The minty mushy peas are that the perfect consistency- more crushed than mushy. You know, like crunchy peanut butter, too smooth and its never good. The pastry is fresh but could have done with a soggy bottom, there’s something about soft pastry that is just divine and I missed that here. The mash is pretty standard and was a little bit unforgettable in all honesty, more butter and salt was definitely needed. Crispy shallots were a nice touch but I would have preferred to have a portion without cheese because does it even go with mushy peas? I don’t think so.

9786AFF1-32A1-4D4E-B87A-9B3312CA7AD7We also order the Sunday Best (£9.95) which consists of the Moodog- British Beef Steak, Bacon & Brewdog 5am Red Ale, on top of mash, with a big yorkie, carrot & swede mash, baby roasties and pork crackling.  This is Sunday personified and was a great twist on a roast dinner and one I would definitely return for- the crackling and roasties standout for me.


1E8B5602-8A16-4599-A220-C5DC4450B2DC.jpegWe finish with Apple Pie- vanilla, apple, salted caramel & sweet pie crumb which was pretty uninspiring and lacklustre- the salted caramel saving the day slightly.

5A61706B-6F77-45DC-815A-3899F6669079Despite a few niggles, I found the service was attentive and friendly and everyone was happy to help. The food was decent Sunday fare and was hearty and satisfying. Would I visit again? Yes, but I’d like a few things tweaked slightly. Give it a go and check it out for yourself.

*I was invited along to try the food as a guest of Pieminister but didn’t have to write about it. As always, my opinions are my own, because what good would I get from not being honest?*

Pieminister, 6 Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5UG.