Baked in Brick, Birmingham

2DBCF5CB-1E05-4287-BAF7-9E5A9F92859C.jpegI first heard about Baked in Brick in September 2016 at the British Street Food Awards where they won ‘Best Street Food and Pop Up’ then went on to win ‘Best Dish’ and ‘Best of the Best’. I was unable to sample the food on that particular occasion because the whole of Brum was queuing up for it. However, since then, I’ve managed to chomp my way through various Baked in Brick plates at Digbeth Dining Club and Independent Birmingham Festival lineups and I’ve been patiently waiting for them to open their own gaff.

Well that day is here and it’s now. Less than 3-4 years since pitching up at Digbeth Dining Club, Lee has opened up his own restaurant in the Custard Factory. For some, this is a tricky location, but for others, like Baked in Brick, it’s the perfect location that speaks to it’s roots and makes total sense. It’s in great company too with the likes of Digbeth Dining Club, Kanteen, Clink Beer, The Clean Kilo and Ghetto Golf amongst others alongside it.

The aesthetic of Baked in Brick is cool personified and wouldn’t be out-of-place in East London and that is exactly what it reminds me of. The cool little pizzerias hidden down side streets in Shoreditch. It’s simple, stylish, industrial and made for the ‘gram.

0478F05F-288B-4F8E-B9E3-1E0BFF8D755F.jpegInside, you’re greeted by a long bar to the left, with the pizza oven in full view, a mix of booth and table seating and a glorious sun trap of a terrace. Cool artwork adorns many of the walls including homage to the mini cooper that kick started this business to where it is today.




Big up yourself, Richard!


881DB4B4-FCBD-4D2C-A72F-6A13E5DBCDB6.jpegThe menu is a concise one pager focusing on light bites/salads, pizza and a dessert. This is a menu I can get on board with, the dream menu to order from because who wants to spend a lifetime trawling through the yellow pages/menu, hell no, not me. GM, Richard who runs things, tells us that the menu is the same on evenings and weekends but during the week, the lunchtime menu extends to subs using the same dough as the pizza, with fillings changing every other day. Get yo’ lunchtime fix from here, obvs.

453C9BFF-EC7B-4C55-B7B2-CE7B632D82CE.jpegWe order pizza and salad to share because sharing is definitely caring when it comes to pizza. The pizzas arrive and oh they are bangin’. Quality toppings, that crispy, thin base and doughy crusts to dip and dunk into chilli oil. If you don’t know, get to know. Salty, Serrano Ham, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and Rocket (£9.50) covers one which I lightly douse with olive oil because I’m all about that life.

0D275A90-7AA5-43D4-9CC1-3475806D575E.jpegWhilst, punchy Goats cheese, Caramelised Red Onion & Grape Chutney, Rocket and Balsamic Glaze adorns another (£9).

7415E287-8602-4FEB-83B1-99CA26B36BB5.jpegThis is really, really good pizza, pizza that makes life taste good, pizza to chat to your mate date over or your sizzling date over.

2DBCF5CB-1E05-4287-BAF7-9E5A9F92859CA well seasoned house salad, dressed to death (£7) and made up of juicy tomatoes and a surprise hit of olive tapenade is shared between us which is delicious.

0E65FFEE-0128-44ED-B713-BA640D6D62EC.jpegWe have the only dessert on the menu. A homemade, lightly whipped, vanilla panna cotta with summer berries (£5) and it’s a dreamy end to lunch.

2B5A822A-83B7-4BB7-B0EF-D8D0CA352906.jpegBaked in Brick is a fantastic addition to the Custard Factory and Brum as a city. This is quality delicious food, good value and offers something completely different to the food scene in this city. This is London vibes in Brum and I’m a huge fan. The service is friendly and informal, the guys know their stuff and are happy to chat you through it and provide recommendations if you can’t decide on life, like me. Check it out!

 Baked in Brick, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4AA.

*I was invited along to try the food but didn’t have to write about it. As always, my opinions are my own*