Fried Chicken @ Bonehead, Birmingham

16B0BDCD-22F7-4E08-9FB4-C8E6E46D708EI really do love chicken and I think it has everything to do with growing up in a Caribbean family because my family are legit obsessed with chicken. And I can say this, because erm, its true. Sunday dinner? Chicken, rice, peas and veg. Monday dinner? Chicken, rice, peas and salad. Tuesday dinner? Chicken and chips. I mean, you get the idea, no other meat would do back in the day but things change, move on and Glenroy (my dad, who I call by his first name because it gets his back up so much lol) mixes it up big time on the rare occasions I visit on a Sunday- see above option. It just means I’m fussy af about the chicken I eat because when it comes to chicken, Glenroy’s is still the one and no other ones do compare. Or do they.

I’ve done chicken restaurants to death in London, from the fantastic Chicken Shop on my beloved Holloway Rd to Bird in Shoreditch, so I was more than happy to welcome fried chicken restaurant, Bonehead to Brum because how did we not have a fried chicken restaurant that served craft beer before? Its like, 2018.

Based on John Bright Street, Bonehead is a cool little space. Minimal and unfussy with a dark and moody bar downstairs that wouldn’t be out-of-place in Shoreditch and a compact and cosy restaurant upstairs. It’s all dark walls, posters, low lighting- the perfect date or mate night spot tbh.

FC296B86-7CD5-4A9E-BC09-B7F518217CDF.jpegThe menu is a simple one pager of fried chicken or there is a specials board and if you don’t like it, well you know where the door is. It’s a menu I can get onboard with because there’s nothing worse than trawling through the yellow pages when you’re hungry.

We order the Buffalo with Blue Ranch wings and Soy Honey Butter wings. The soy wings are incredible; plump, sticky and flavoursome with crispy skin which is a must for me when it comes to chicken wings. The buffalo wings are tasty too, covered in a rich, blue cheese sauce but unfortunately I’m not a massive fan of sauce soaked skin, I like it dryer and crisper like the soy option.


3FA8120D-F495-48D6-A8EB-D5171900DB3D.jpegThe Bonehead Original Burger with cheese is made up of free range, succulent chicken thigh, encased in Bonehead signature seasoned crunchy batter that’s been fried just the right amount, all neatly packed into a brioche bun with the usual trimmings. This has lazy Sunday written all over it and its really good, but not amazing. I’ve been back a few times to order different variations and again its really good but not Glenroy amazing. I do prefer breast meat in a burger and you can ask for this upon ordering, but unless you make this clear, thigh is what you’ll get.


E61281E2-3B88-4E4C-89F9-CB8076A43AF7.jpegThe Loaded Waffle Fries topped with slaw and comeback sauce are a nice enough accompaniment but are too big and chunky for me. I would have preferred simple skin on chips. Because I’m clearly basic.

F23A3284-D01C-43CF-96CA-145446D683A0.jpegDespite this not being a Glenroy special, I reckon Bonehead delivered and it’s great to see a proper fried chicken restaurant open up in Brum city centre.  I’ve been back a few times since for dinner and drinks and I’d definitely like to see some new, experimental flavours going on in the burgers to elevate them from standard chicken burgers i.e. the soy honey butter chicken in a burger would be right up my street.

If you’re into OPM, Meatshack, Wingmans (technically not in Brum but DDC if they’re on the lineup) then you’ll enjoy this place, so go and try it for yourself.

Bonehead, John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN