Thai Supper Club @ Bayleys of Bromsgrove

CA463219-65E2-4177-891D-31C6B743EE82The last time I went to Thailand was during a 7 month trip around the world when I was 22. The trip consisted of some of the biggest highlights of my life so far and our time in Thailand was full of island hopping, street food chomping and so much SangSom that my friend was admitted to hospital during our time there. I’ll just leave that there. We did it all, from eating bugs on sticks in frantic food markets, to eating Pad Thai on busy street corners and devouring banana pancakes on some of the most beautiful beaches.

Meanwhile, back in Brum, we’re seriously lacking in authentic Thai food options. The only place I’d rate and return to is Sabai Sabai in Moseley and the City Centre which I do, on the regular with a recurring order ready to go on the Deliveroo app. Because when I like something, I like something.

So you can imagine my excitement for Carole Mason’s Thai Supper Club because I adore supper clubs and adore that the food is always exceptional and made with passion. Carole Mason has been cooking good old-fashioned Thai food and street food for thirty years and has been exploring Bangkok and beyond to influence and enhance her cooking. And my god, does it show.

387D207E-8BEC-4AB8-A54A-6207D2CFA403Carole has been running regular Thai Supper Clubs in her home for a while and has recently started to hold these in venues across Bromsgrove with the one we attend being at Bayleys of Bromsgrove, which is a fantastic new craft beer and wine bar that Bromsgrove desperately needs. There’s only so many time you can go to The Queens Head.


FAED7BDB-6320-4B46-A3B4-977493FB0D74This Supper Club showcases Carole’s passion and love for Thai food and gives her a chance to cook some of her recipes from her cookbook, “Mae’s Ancient Thai Food”. On a lazy Sunday from 2-6pm, we are treated to an array of fantastic, authentic and home cooked Thai dishes that Carole has prepared hours ahead of the event and now cooks at the front of Bayleys of Bromsgrove which takes some skill.

EB38B86A-3B28-4D1E-9AA1-C0DB03172D1FWe are joined by some lovely local foodies and chat over Nuea Sawarn- Heavenly Beef canapes made up of coriander marinated beef, sprinkled with fresh coriander which are gorgeously intense with flavour and so moreish.

We’re seated at small and large tables and tuck into generous, portions of Thai food that arrives at the same time with the idea being to eat it all together so the flavours from each dish complement one another. Traditional Thai food focuses on salty-sweet- sour- hot and that’s exactly what we get across the dishes. It’s the best Thai food I have eaten in the UK. Fact.37951D5F-5274-4203-9880-DD8FEDD3AEFC.jpegGaeng Hang Lae- a northern thai pork curry with picked garlic arrives, a deep and rich curry with shredded ginger and tender pork nestled within it which we enjoy with fluffy Thai Jasmine Rice.5696E8E4-0110-4000-82AD-D52F8FFC1B2E.jpeg

EFD4951E-A547-4845-B5D2-4D878E613D76Northern Larb Nueng, a staple Thai salad is next, but instead of vegetables its predominately made up of meat. It arrives with well seasoned minced chicken that packs some serious heat instead of the usual pork, alongside fresh raw vegetables and herbs. This dish is sensational and is everything I love on a plate, so much so, I have a second serving.CA463219-65E2-4177-891D-31C6B743EE82.jpegMuu Parlow- a deep flavoured pork soup which contains a hard-boiled egg is terrifying because an egg, in soup? But I face my fears, as we’re told to break up the egg in the soup and sip between the curry and the salad to balance the palate. Weirdly, it works.

E4174067-DDF3-438A-A064-994BB40A0883To finish, we enjoy Tap Tim Grob- a dreamy dessert of home-made creamy coconut ice cream which is seriously light and has just the right amount of sweetness. Divine.BB517D47-AB3E-4A60-AE9B-F1A44A27E6B4We had a fantastic time at Carole’s Thai Supper Club, it was friendly, fun and the food was sensational and it was undoubtedly the best Thai food I’ve eaten in the UK to date. I highly recommend this event if you want to try something different and at £20-40 a head, it’s great value.

If you want to get involved and give it a try, which you totally should, check out Carole’s website or Twitter to find out when and where the next supper club is. See you there!