Event: Sear & Smoke, Birmingham

IMG_7010.JPGIf you ignored the buzz on social around the Sear & Smoke event and dismissed it as another Digbeth Dining Club all-dayer, did you even deserve to be there in the first place? Jokes, it’s not that serious. But if you were wondering what all the fuss was about, let me confirm that it was well worth the fuss. I’d go as far to say it was one of the best food events I’ve been to in Brum so far. And I’ve been to a fair few.

A collab from Digbeth Dining Club and Original Patty Men, Sear & Smoke showcased some of the UK’s finest BBQ & meat traders from Baked in Brick to Low n Slow, alongside a selection of Craft Beers, cocktails and gin, with DJs and live music.

IMG_7059.JPGBased in a huge, sprawling warehouse in Digbeth, the industrial vibes, high ceilings, exposed brickwork and hanging lights made for an impressive space, taking the event to London or Berlin level.


IMG_7057When we arrive, the place is packed, the music is loud and the smoke stings my eyes, all the ingredients for a bangin’ Digbeth all dayer. If you know, you know.

We head to Wingmans because chicken wings. The queue is off the scale and since we attribute a long queue to decent food in this country, my hopes are high. There are a three types of wings on the menu and we order all of them at £7 a pop. The Bang Coq wings, smothered in sticky Thai flavours including siracha, chilli, spring onions and sesame seeds are life. Everything I love, all over my wings.


IMG_7008.JPGThe Sweet and Smokey BBQ wings come next, sticky, sweet and juicy, I purchase these for the road because I’m legit obsessed with this place. Already. The staff are cool too and clearly love what they do. If Wingmans were to open in Brum, I guarantee the place would be packed all day errrday, they really need to jump on it and open already. Please.

Another fave from the day was Low n Slow’s succulent and juicy Smoked Pork Belly with a black tortilla and a side of salsa. Delicious. I’ll be checking out more from these guys soon.

IMG_7052.JPGSear & Smoke was easily the best food event I’ve been to in Brum so far, packed with independents doing what they love, combined with a fun vibe and some great music. Bar one instance of pretension and rudeness, I’ve chosen not to address here because Brum and Beyond ain’t about that life. I just won’t spend my money eating that particular traders food again.

I’d love to see Sear & Smoke be a regular street food staple throughout the year as the setup here was seriously impressive. I’ll be keeping an eye on social to make sure I don’t miss any events and so should you.

Twitter: @SearAndSmoke