Brunch Vibes @ Boston Tea Party, Edgbaston

IMG_6594Brunch makes weekends feel like a celebration. A congrats to yourself for getting through the week, for getting up day after day and a way to treat yo self to good food with good people. I know this sounds ridiculous and dramatic but I am honestly that person who would rather spend my dollars on brunch in weird and wonderful places each week than put it towards my deposit right now because I’ve still gotta live my best life… Soz mum #2018housegoals.

Boston Tea Party in Edgbaston has been on my must-visit list for weeks. I’m a big fan of the cafe in Harborne and town so when I heard a cafe was opening up closer to home, well, I live for that convenient sh*t.

Based on Harborne Road, Boston Tea Party is housed in a pretty Georgian building which makes you wonder why it’s taken so like to build up this part of the city, with the likes of The Highfield and The Edgbaston around the corner. It’s a part of the city I’m really enjoying at the moment.

IMG_6962The cafe is a beautiful space with exposed brickwork, cool lighting, splashes of colour and interior inspo everywhere. It’s a deceivingly big space with a number of areas to relax and chill or have a big catch-up with a group of friends. There is also lots of outdoor seating at the front of the cafe which would be perfect in Autumn or Summer, when it decides to return.





IMG_6966The menu is focused on breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, salads and burgers. They also serve a number of cakes at a deli counter which greets you as soon as you walk in.

We ordered Eggy Bread with Smoked Bacon and Avocado with grilled tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil (£8.50). A generous portion, piled high on the plate arrived and I was so ready to dive into this one but unfortunately the eggy bread was a little more done than I would’ve liked. I absolutely adore eggy bread so I mentioned this to staff and they were happy to make up a new dish with no fuss at all. Second time around, the eggy bread was a perfect golden colour and was delicious combo with the avo. I’ll defo be recreating this one at home.

IMG_6595.JPGWe also ordered Eggs Royal with Smoked Salmon (£8.50) with a side of avo (£2.00). Slices of sourdough with a layer of salmon, your choice of eggs and a rich, creamy hollandaise sauce. A simple classic brunch option, this was delicious and a great start to the day.

IMG_6594There’s also a good selection of hot and cold drinks but FYI the mint tea is no Damascena extravaganza (if you know, you know) so if you’re looking for proper mint tea, maybe head there for it. I really enjoyed kick starting my weekend off in this cool cafe. It’s a lovely place to spend a few hours with friends and I’d feel totally comfortable spending time alone here too. The food is what brunch is all about, big, hearty, tasty plates that really hit that brunch craving and is reasonably priced too. The staff are really attentive too and are happy to help. Go see for yourself, I’m a BIG fan of this place.


Twitter: @BTSCafes