T2 Tea, Birmingham

IMG_6330.JPGThere is nothing in life that tea can’t solve. Tired? Tea. Pissed off? Tea. Celebrating dumping that loser ex? Ok, maybe not tea, but you get the point. Tea is an essential part of my day and I’m always keen to try weird and wonderful new teas. So imagine my reaction when I received an invite to a tea masterclass at T2. One big fat yes and what a welcome I received!

Founded in Melbourne in 1996, T2 has several stores in London and earlier this year opened a new shop in the Bullring, stocking over 200 teas, from Indian Chai to Chilli.

IMG_6346IMG_6329IMG_6337.JPGDuring the tea masterclass, I was shown how to brew various teas and iced teas using their game changing Tea Maker which allows you to add your tea, brew it and then sit the tea maker on top of your cup to release the tea. Get. In. My. Basket.

As a big fan of India, I honed in on the spicy teas and my favourites included Go Go Goa, a playful blend of sweet cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and vanilla using frothy, creamy Soya milk and honey which was a nice alternative to standard Chai.

I then tried a classic Chai, a spicy blend of cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and ginger, brewed using frothy, creamy Soya milk and honey which really packed a punch. A lighter alternative to Chai was the decaffeinated, Spi Chai, a spicy, blend of Cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, liquorice root, jasmine blossoms, rose petals, brewed on its own without milk.

IMG_6340Next up was Caramel Swirl, a decadent, delicious concoction of caramel heaven and fudgey chocolate which reminded me of Bailey’s, aided by the frothy Soya milk used for half of the tea.

I finished the tasting with a weird and wonderful taste of Chillin Beets, a veggie blend of hibiscus, apple, carrot, beetroot, sweet blackberry leaves and orange, perfect on its own hot or iced. This was the biggest surprise for me and I actually found this really refreshing!

There really is a tea for everyone at T2 and the shop is packed with loose leaf boxes or teabags in bright packaging which are perfect gifts for friends, family or just for yourself because you should always treat yo self. There are some pretty cool teawares too and I managed to bag a Tea Maker and a few boxes of Chai to help me live my best life. Jokes. Obviously everyday is my best life…

I learnt so much during the tea masterclass from how long to brew your perfect cuppa- 2-4 mins for black tea, in case you were wondering- to the fact that Soya milk allows the antioxidants, vitamins and other compounds found in tea to be absorbed into your body more so than cow’s milk. You’re welcome.

I really enjoyed the tea masterclass, led by Tayla who was knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly down to earth when it came to sharing her tea brewing techniques. If you want to have a little taster of T2, pop in-store and I’m sure the guys will be more than happy to help you discover something new. I’ll be back for more very soon.


*Thanks to T2, I was invited to take part in their complimentary masterclass. As always, my opinions are my own*