Fiesta Del Asado, Birmingham

img_5447-2.jpgI’ve always been fascinated by South America. Its vastness, its diversity and of course the incredible food and drink culture. In 2015, I spent nearly 4 weeks travelling through Brazil and Argentina with Buenos Aires undoubtably being my favourite stop of the entire trip. Maybe it was the fact that nights kick off at 3am and carry on all morning or maybe it was the country’s obsession with steak and red wine which mirrors my own, there is a lot to LOVE about Argentina.

Argentinians are big meat eaters, have some of the best meat in the world and have a traditional asado for every type of vibe you’re after but one thing remains the same- its always an epic feast.

Fiesta Del Asado, based in Edgbaston takes its food seriously and it’s just as well because the fare on offer here elevates it from a Brummie restaurant knocking out incredible steaks to a genuine rival for traditional asado restaurants in Buenos Aires itself. The only difference being the plethora of Brummie accents around you, but if you just. close. your. eyes. You’re in my beloved BA, just like that.The restaurant feels very traditional and warm with brick walls and dark wood tables and floors throughout. As you walk in, the open plan kitchen takes centre stage, showcasing the wood-fired grill in action with the seductive smell of sizzling steaks taking over the restaurant. Heaven. The vibe is buzzy and fun for a mid week evening which reinforces that these guys are doing something very good indeed.

Meat is the main focus of the menu and is jam packed with something to suit most diners from fillet, sirloin, bavette and ribeye steaks, to skewered chunks of beef rump, grilled racks of lamb and slow-roasted belly of pork amongst others. Light bites reminiscent of food served up in bars in BA include padron peppers, grilled spicy sausages and empanadas which are ubiquitous with South America street food that can be found on every corner and goes perfectly with a beer every few hours. If you must know.

We share Pan-Fried Padron Peppers (£2.99), sprinkled with rock salt and infused with lemon, combined with a fiery chilli kick that explodes in your mouth as you take a bite out of these sensational beauties. I demand you to order these.

img_5447-2.jpgNext, we share Iberian Ham that has been cured for around 3 years. Dark red, paper thin slices that are well marbled is the end result. Soft, a little salty and intense with oaky flavour means I devour this dish in a heartbeat and have to remember to share. (5og £6.99; 100og £12.99).


img_5446.jpgFor the main affair, I order the 10oz Sirloin Steak (£21.49) which comes with salad and green chimichurri sauce which I appreciate being on the side so I can control the amount I drizzle on my steak which turns out to be, erm all of it. Cooked medium, the steak is juicy, supple and cuts through like butter, with a slight grilled, smoky flavour which transports me back to the steaks in smoky cookouts that sting my eyes in Argentina. This steak is probably the best steak of eaten in the city, better than Andersons and definitely rivals Hawksmoor in London. The chimichurri is zingy, and adds a splash of Argentinian colour and fun to my plate.

There is no mention of the steak including salad on the menu, so I order a Tomato and Red Onion Salad with garlic oil (£2.49) that is fresh and well seasoned. However, had I known that the steak actually comes with salad I would have ordered a different accompaniment to experience even more of the menu on my plate. We share a huge portion of Fries with Parsley and Garlic (£1.99) that have the perfect crunch to potato ratio and are incredible for dunking in the juice of the steak and chimichurri.

IMG_5451.JPGThe wine on offer is extensive as you can imagine and of course I indulge in a glass of Malbec to accompany my food and because I only order one (heavy night before) it tastes even better than three glasses.

I was so so impressed with the food at Fiesta Del Asado, its really fantastic cooking, really authentic and really leaves me wanting to go back ASAP. The service was friendly, attentive and genuinely helpful. I can’t recommend the place enough. If Fiesta has been on your Brum bucket list for a while, elevate this to the top of the list right now.


Twitter: @FiestadelAsado

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*Thanks to Paul Fulford, I was invited to try the food and drink. As always, my opinions are my own*