New Food Menu @ The Botanist, Birmingham

IMG_4482I’m all about the post work drink and bite to eat. Even if I’ve made plans that don’t involve this, I’ll swiftly change them in exchange for good food, good times and a cheeky cocktail if it’s on the cards.

The Botanist is a bar/restaurant based on Temple Street that manages to achieve just this very purpose. Think tropical vibes, distressed wood, exposed brick walls, hanging plants, soft lighting and you’re close.




IMG_4713The menu features a mix of deli boards, comfort food, barbecued meats and an extensive drinks menu that has something for everyone. I’ve eaten here a few times and have always enjoyed the food and particularly the cocktails.

IMG_4477.JPGA few weeks ago, The Botanist launched a new food menu and we were invited to experience some of it. New dishes include, Crispy Whitebait,  Butternut Squash and Goats Cheese and Mushroom Pie but any more than that and I couldn’t tell you, no further info was provided.

We order one of the new dishes on the menu that I am aware of, Prosciutto, Watermelon and Feta Salad with tomatoes, olives and fresh mint (£10.95). Not an obvious combination to go for but I was curious about the addition of watermelon, from the get go. I’m familiar with sweet-savoury flavours in a salad but tend to steer towards pomegranates, so the watermelon was a new take on this and was really unique. The sharpness of the olives and feta struck a nice balance against the watermelon and mint. Despite it being a main, it was really light and could equally be shared as a side salad with grilled meat or fish which is what we did because we’re resourceful like that.

IMG_4483.JPGTo go with the salad, we order a Chicken Kebab with garlic butter and chips (£11.75) with a side of Sweet Chilli Slaw (£2.95). The chicken was, well, chicken kebab. It was nice enough but did need a kick up the kebab to make it a bit more memorable. The slaw was delicious; rough, ready, crunchy and a bit more interesting with the addition of sweet chilli.

IMG_4482We also order Pan- Fried Seabass Fillets with spinach, tomato and Piri Piri dressing (£14.95) with a side of Sweet Potato Fries (£3.95). The dish is light but filling, a perfect Summer evening meal.

IMG_4485.JPGFor dessert, we order White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse that is totally dreamy and delicious. We even forgive the garden shovel that it’s served in because sometimes you just have to accept food dickery when it tastes this good.

IMG_4488.JPGI enjoyed the food and drinks at The Botanist and it’s definitely a place you can rely on for decent food/drink, a buzzy atmosphere and really good live music if you’re lucky enough to catch it. The Botanist also run a number of cool events, including Musical Bingo, Flower Making, Candle Making-the list goes. They have a fab Events team so shout out to these guys for bringing some innovative events to the table- check their Facebook/Twitter for more info!


Twitter: @BotanistBham

Insta: @botanistbham

*Thanks to The Botanist I was invited to try the new food menu, although I did purchase my own drinks. As always, my opinions are my own.*