Tacos and Tequila @ The Plough, Birmingham

introI’ve got a lot of love for The Plough in Harborne. I’ve been eating here for years, pre and now post London, it’s up there for me as one of my favourite places to eat, drink and enjoy sunshine vibes in Brum. Yep, big statement, but the food on offer here is big, bold and served by some serious eye candy and who doesn’t love a side of beaut with their burger?

The Plough is everything I like in a pub- cool and cosy, with exposed brick walls, vintage fixtures and fittings and colourful, floral tiles because #Ihavethisthingwithtiles- that I would have in my house yesterday, today, tomorrow. The place is always busy, buzzing, the playlist varied and every time I visit, it takes me back to the pubs in Islington (miss you!). The food on offer is extensive and there is always a twist on it- in presentation or taste, it’s my go to place for stone-baked pizzas, burgers, brunch and everything else in between.

A few weeks ago, The Plough launched their new Boca Grande menu of tacos and tequila, served every Wednesday and I was invited down to try the new menu.

unnamed (2).jpgIt was recommended that we start the evening by trying the Tequila Sangria. Now, I love tequila, it’s always a good idea. Tell me about any night that has not been enjoyable whilst drinking tequila? Yep.

FullSizeRender_2There are three Tequila Sangrias with a choice of Kah Tequila to choose from: Blanco (£5.50), Reposado (£6.50) and Anejo (£6.50) which increase in strength and price as you work down the menu. When poured, they all look the same, so a lot of fun can be had here. The Blanco was my favourite for a mid-week evening as it was easy to drink and complemented the food well but I’d be more than happy to swap this for a few Anejo’s if I had annual leave booked the next day…

On the menu, there are five tacos to choose from and you can order four tacos for £12.50. This might seem steep at first glance but it’s well worth it. I asked the staff for recommendations and everyone rated the Spiced Pork Belly with Slow-Cooked Apple, Pickled Red Cabbage and Caramelised Nuts, so obviously I ordered two of these to see what all the fuss was about.

FullSizeRender_4Definitely worth the fuss. The pork was soft and seasoned well and tasted delicious with the apple and nuts which really brought it to life and tasted different in a taco.

FullSizeRender_1The Buffalo Chicken with Celery, Blue Cheese Cream and Guindillas Chilli was my favourite, the chicken had a spicy kick and the blue cheese added an extra bite. I immediately wanted to eat a second one of these.

The Mixed Bean Chilli with Feta, Crushed Avocado, Lime and Sour Cream was nice enough but after the first three tacos, this tasted a little bit bland and unexciting in comparison which was a shame as I was most looking forward to trying this one.

FullSizeRenderTo complement these tasty as hell tacos, The Plough has built up quite a collection of hot sauces to drizzle and dunk your meats and veggies in, including Pip’s Boca Grand hot sauce and many others. So if you want some serious, spicy vibes, you know what to do.


FullSizeRender_3I was impressed with the Boca Grande menu and will definitely be returning to try more of the menu and enjoy various events from wine to whiskey pairings. The staff were attentive, friendly and knew the menu inside out, which is so helpful for a person like me who suffers from extreme food envy, yep I’m that person. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, drinks and mid-week vibes, so get involved and show this place some love!


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*Thanks to The Plough, I was invited to try the food and drink. As always, my opinions are my own. Although, I did pay for some of my own drinks, which is a sign of a good evening in my book*