Loki Wine, Birmingham

Loki Wine, Birmingham

Wine. I’ve got a thing about wine. I like it a lot. With food, without food, as long as it’s good wine, I’m game.

After raving about how much I enjoyed The Sampler concept in London to a friend, I was told that I had to check out Loki Wine which is doing the same thing. So that’s exactly what I did, almost immediately and it didn’t disappoint.

Loki Wine is in the Great Western Arcade and is a wine shop/casual drinking spot. The only difference being, there is no bar. Instead, there are wine dispensers which allow you to sample a variety of wines by the glass, by loading up a card or starting a tab to pay as you go, which is just, brilliant.


IMG_1733.PNGThere are two to three measures to choose from per wine at varying price points, which I must state, is a lot cheaper than The Sampler so I’m fully on board with this! There are less dispensers to choose from at Loki but this doesn’t matter as the wines on offer are there for a reason, hand picked, packed with flavour and updated regularly so you can continually try new wines if you make Loki Wine a regular fixture in your social life. Which you totally should. Do it.

IMG_1731.PNGThere’s something quite exciting/dangerous about sampling lots of different wines in this way, without having to commit to a bottle that you might not be loving. Yep, it happens to the best of us! But if you prefer, you can also buy wine by the bottle. Loki’s got all bases covered.

We tasted a range of whites and reds and they were all really good- but I’m definitely a red wine person. We also ordered a cheese board and bread which complimented the wine perfectly and I’d definitely recommend doing the same.

img_1729The vibe at Loki Wine is really casual and cosy, there are tables and seating downstairs and sofas upstairs. It’s a perfect place to catch up with friends/family over good wine and cheese or as a place to start the evening before heading to dinner.

The staff are welcoming and very knowledgeable about the wine, as you would expect. No question is too much trouble and I love that Loki is making wine tasting accessible and casual in Brum, because who wants to go to a stuffy wine bar/event? Not me.

Loki Wine also runs themed wine tastings, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on these because Brum needs more wine events!

Loki Wine can be found at 36 Great Western Arcade, Birmingham B2 5HU.

Twitter: @lokiwine