Event: British Street Food Awards, Birmingham


Street food. Its not going anywhere and I love that. I’d heard that the British Street Food Awards were coming to Brum and had put it in the diary and then forgot about it, until I watched Sunday Brunch and Digbeth Dining Club was given a mention. I knew it was worth booking tickets on the spot then.

I brought weekend tickets with the plan to eat as many small dishes for lunch as possible and it didn’t disappoint! It seemed everyone else had the same idea too and the place was buzzing with people, music and food in all directions.



We started by ordering a huge glass of Pimms from Peaky’s and planned our food attack. We started with BAOS because I absolutely love them and had been craving them since moving back to Birmingham (if anyone can point to where I can get these in Brum then let me know!) We ordered the pork and chicken baos stuffed in soft buns which were full of flavour. We put forward our vote immediately and I have no regrets!



We then moved on to Smokin’ Lotus and ordered the beef rib which was covered in sesame seeds, chillis and onions that I could eat again and again.

Our final stop was Buddha Belly where we ordered a small plate of the crispy chicken noodles which was a steal and definitely deserved winning the people’s choice award!




Baked in Brick was on our list too but after winning the critics choice award, we didn’t get a look in as the queue was so big but we’ll definitely try next time.



It was a great weekend and brilliant to see Birmingham really celebrating the importance and relevance of street food. The vibe was not too dissimilar to street food markets in London that I’ve been going to for years so I’m excited to see this space growing even more. With the recent arrival of Hawker Yard, Brum is taking street food very seriously and its about time too.