Birmingham Vibes


So…Birmingham. It’s got a bad rep hasn’t it? An achingly dull city with rubbish food and no nightlife, yeah?

Well actually, #birminghamisontheup.

It’s changing, evolving and I want everyone to know about it. New pubs, bars and restaurants are opening all the time. And cool events are popping up all over the shop.

I know you’re thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah, you’ve probably never lived anywhere else.’ But I have and I did, from travelling and working abroad to moving to London in 2012. I absolutely love London. The buzz, the lifestyle, the people, the nightlife and the food scene, the lovely food scene but there was just one thing I couldn’t do and that was afford a place of my own. My actual own.

So I started thinking of other cities where I could continue my career, still enjoy city life and go back to a home that I didn’t have to share with others. And be able to save to buy my own place. The conclusion? Birmingham.

Birmingham’s unrecognisable from the place I grew up in and left in 2012. It’s got buzz, ambition and it’s a city striving to do things better. It’s also cheap, so cheap and just as good as any other UK city, granted, maybe not London but its getting there. There, I said it.

Big and small businesses are starting to realise too and are choosing to move their operations here. And if HSBC are doing it… Forget I said that.

There is definitely a sense of excitement about what Birmingham has to offer particularly for young people like me. It almost feels like we can really add value to the city, really contribute to its growth and this interests me hugely.

So I started scouting out companies and jobs that interested me. Networking and having informal conversations and coffees with people.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy decision to leave London and I went back and forth for weeks. Would the move harm my seemingly London-centric career? Would I enjoy my job? Would I be bored? Should I stay in London and maybe just maybe have my own place at, I don’t know,  100 years old… Yeah, it would cost a small fortune but that’s what everyone did, right?

My decision was made. I decided to make the leap to Birmingham and have been here for 3 weeks today and I am loving everything it has to offer. I’m excited for the new challenge and a new chapter in my life.

So this blog will now focus on everything Brum has to offer because for now at least, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on. I’ll also be featuring places beyond Brum because I’m still keen to see more of the world 🙂